Buy / Sell / Rent Property

Looking to buy / sell / rent your property and wondering what happens from the moment you contact me? For some, I understand that the act of calling someone you’ve never met to talk about what is probably your biggest asset can be unnerving.

I am always ready for a chat on the phone. But I will likely only be able to answer general questions and nothing too specific as I have my checklist of tasks to perform prior to meeting you. This ensures that we will have a fruitful and productive discussion.

Buying or Investing A Property

Interested in buying or investing a property in Singapore? Talk to me to learn more about top tips you need to know when buying property in Singapore.

Selling Your Property

First question you may ask how much your property can fetch. Without having seen your properties, there is no way I will be able to tell. Two properties that look identical on the outside can look vastly different on the inside and their valuation can vary greatly. Looking forward to more in-depth discussions with you.

Renting Your Property / Looking To Rent A Property

Ready to be a landlord? Or looking for a space to rent? When looking for a property to rent selecting the right location is very important because it determines the level of convenience to you and your family. Apart from that, property size, facilities, duration of lease, level of furnishing, and your budget are also other important factors to consider. Allow me to guide you through.

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